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ost - 10 Jun 15
Er pendelt quasi zwischen zwei Welten: Hier das spannende wissenschaftliche Experiment auf dem Dach der ETH Zürich, dort der strategische Weitblick beim abendlichen Spaziergang am Greifensee. Im neuen Werkstattgespräch unterwegs mit Thomas Peter, Atmosphärenforscher und Departementsvorsteher der Umweltsystemwissenschaften der ETH.




Who we are

We are convinced that the sustainable development of a livable world for future generations is one of the core tasks of our society. With our expertise and commitment, our goal is to provide a significant contribution towards solving this task.

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Our research

We study the processes and interactions of different environmental systems on various scales, from the molecular scale to global environmental, production and supply systems. The approach of our research is systems-oriented and interdisciplinary.

Agro-ecosystems and world food system  Atmosphere and climate  Biogeochemistry and pollutant dynamics  Ecology, evolution and health  Human and environment  Soil and landuse


What we teach

In our two study programmes, we teach the scientific foundation to analyse complex sound environmental and food systems. Based on a scientific understanding of the problem, students learn to analyse problems and develop solutions to quantitatively evaluate and implement them.

Agricultural science  Environmental sciences  Doctoral studies  Didactic education

Upcoming Events and News

ETH Zurich at Expo Milano 2015

Datum, Zeit: Mi 17. Jun 2015 - So 2. Aug 2015
Ort: Swiss Pavilion Expo Milano 2015
Referent\in: Prof. Dr. Nina Buchmann , ETH Zürich, Dr. Darcy Molnar
Fachbereich: Umweltwissenschaften, Ökologie
Veranstaltungsart: Messe

Latsis Symposium 2015 - Drug resistance and the future of disease control

Datum, Zeit: Do 2. Jul 2015 - Fr 3. Jul 2015, 08:15 - 18:30
Ort: ETH Zürich, Zentrum HG F 30
Referent\in: Prof. Dr. Andrew Read , Penn State University
Prof. Dr. Bruce Levin , Emory University
Prof. Dr. Chris Dye , World Health Organization (WHO)
Prof. Dr. Dan Andersson , Uppsala University
Prof. Dr. Doug Richman , UC San Diego
Prof. Dr. Jeremy Farrar , University of Oxford / Wellcome Trust
Prof. Dr. Marc Lipsitch , Harvard University
Prof. Dr. Marie-Louise Newell , University of Southampton
Prof. Dr. Michael Gottesman , National Institutes of Health USA, National Cancer Institute
Prof. Dr. Nicholas White , University of Oxford
Prof. Dr. Patrice Nordmann , University of Fribourg
Prof. Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan , Princeton University
Prof. Dr. Raymond Schinazi , Emory University
Fachbereich: Life Science
Veranstaltungsart: Konferenz / Symposium / Kongress

Climates of the past - lessons for the future

Datum, Zeit: So 5. Jul 2015 - Fr 10. Jul 2015
Ort: Congressi Stefano Franscini, Monte Verità, Via Collina 84, Ascona tel. 091 785 40 56-54,
Referent\in: Prof. Dr. Gerald Haug , ETH Zürich
Fachbereich: Umweltwissenschaften, Ökologie
Veranstaltungsart: Konferenz / Symposium / Kongress


Research priorities for a sustainable food system


Among the great research challenges for the future will be the efficient use of resources and the provision of healthy and safe food. Further details are given in a new study carried out by the World Food System Center at ETH Zurich commissioned by the Federal Office for Agriculture (cf. Foresight Study, PDF). An interview with ETH professor Nina Buchmann, chair of the World Food System Center and co-author of the report. [25.06.2015]

The winner doesn’t always take all


Theoretically predicted and now demonstrated experimentally for the first time using soil bacteria: weaker organisms can prevail against stronger ones – if they are superior in number. This acts as a driving mechanism in the maintenance of genetic diversity. [10.06.2015]

The Agrovet-Strickhof construction project is underway


The building permit has been issued: ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich and the Canton of Zurich have permission to build the Agrovet-Strickhof, a jointly operated agricultural education and research centre in Eschikon Lindau. Research director Carla Soliva and IT director Hans-Rudolf Wettstein are here to share their thoughts on the planned buildings and the opportunities for livestock research. [09.06.2015]

Bumblebee genome mapped


A research collaboration spearheaded by ETH Zurich has shed light on the genome of two commercially important species of bumblebees. The findings provide unexpected insights into the ecology and evolution of bumblebees and honeybees. [27.04.2015]

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