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The Department of Environmental Systems Science (D-USYS) at ETH Zurich conducts research into the condition and functions of environ­mental systems and develops solutions and methods for managing them on a sustainable basis. It also provides academic education for future managers in this field, following an approach aimed at ensuring sustain­ability and paving the way for dialogue.

Understanding environmental systems,
developing sustainable solutions,
teaching future leaders.
D-USYS Vision of the Department of Environmental Systems Science

The department’s core activities include analysing environmental systems – including their relevance to society – and training up future generations of scientists and decision-makers in society, industry and politics. D-USYS helps to develop sustainable solutions to environmental problems at local, regional and global level. This requires expert knowledge, interdisciplinary cooperation and social discourse. The department focuses on five main subject areas: ecosystem processes and services, sustainable use of resources, food security, climate change, and biological diversity and how it adapts to changing environmental conditions. D-USYS fosters a culture based on integrity, responsibility, fairness and transparency and fulfils the highest quality standards in research and education.

Research and educational activities at D-USYS are carried out by scientists from the department’s six institutes, with support from members of the departmental staff, study programme coordinators and the study administration team.

The five research areas at D-USYS

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