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The Environmental Sciences study programme tracks the professional careers of its graduates by carrying out its own surveys and using those carried out by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. The results provide information about the success of graduates on the labour market. The former students’ retrospective assessment of their training provides valuable feedback, which makes an important contribution to continuous improvement of the degree programme.

Current report

“Umweltnaturwissenschaften: vom Studium zum Beruf”

The Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BFS) carries out a survey every two years of all graduates from Swiss degree courses. The survey is normally carried out about 18 months after they graduate. For En­vi­ron­men­tal Sciences, the results of the surveys in 2013 (2012 graduates) and 2011 (2010 graduates) are presented in detail in the curent report.

The report “Umweltnaturwissenschaften: vom Studium zum Beruf” (Environmental Sciences: from education to professional life) is written in German but includes an executive summary in English.

“Umwelt­natur­wis­senschaften: vom Stu­di­um zum Beruf” (PDF, 5.6 MB)

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Employment prospects

Doctoral graduates in Environmental Sciences have good opportunities on the career market: Only one person of the 83 respondents was in search of a job one year after graduation, two were at that time not available for work, one was self-employed, and 79 were employed.

Source: Report “Umweltnaturwissenschaften: vom Studium zum Beruf”

Fields of work

Similarly to Master’s graduates, doctoral graduates in Environmental Sciences work in many different sectors. One year after leaving ETH, about 50% of the graduates were employed in the private sector, most of them in the services domain. About one third remained in academia and one sixth was working in the public sector.

Source: Report “Umweltnaturwissenschaften: vom Studium zum Beruf”

The department measures success on the labour market not only by whether graduates manage to find good jobs, but also whether they are able – through their work – to encourage social change in the direction of sustainability.

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Careers in Environmental Sciences

Graduates in Environmental Sciences at ETH Zurich introduce a selection of a wide range of career opportunities.

Brochure: Berufsaussichten (PDF, 4.2 MB)

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