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18. July 2017 13:30 CHN P 12

Dominik Büeler

Potential vorticity diagnostics to quantify effects of latent heating in extratropical cyclones: methodology and application to idealized climate change simulations

Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Christoph Schär                                                       Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Heini Wernli                                                              Co-examiner: Dr. Stephan Pfahl IAC, Prof. Dr. Uwe Ulbrich FU Berlin DE

20. July 2017 16:00 LFW B 1

Matthias Wiggenhauser

Processes and fluxes of trace metals in agricultural soil-fertilizer-plant systems investigated with isotope applications

Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Loïc Pellissier                                                           Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Frossard                                                  Co-examiner: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wilcke KIT Karlsruhe Inst. of Geoecology & Geography DE, Dr. Moritz Bigalke Universität Bern Institute of Geography, Dr. Géraldine Sarret ISTerre Grenoble FR

21. July 2017 16:00 HG D 16.2

Alexander Beck
Observing the microstructure of orographic clouds with HoloGondel

Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Heini Wernli                                                        
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lohmann                                                
Co-examiner: Dr. Jan Henneberger, IAC, D-USYS, Dr. Darrel Baumgardner, Droplet Measurement Technologies (DMT), USA

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