Upcoming events and seminars at the Department of Environmental Systems Science.

27 March 2017, Colloquium

European climate variability in a warming world

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29 March 2017, Presentation

L’acqua: una risorsa sotto stress

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3 April 2017, Colloquium

Building Confidence in Climate Model Projections: An Analysis of Inferences from Fit

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10 April 2017, Colloquium

Simulating ice clouds and their role in climate change

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21 April 2017, Congress

10th IBP PhD Congress

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24 April 2017, Seminar

Fate and transformation of riverine nitrate in the Danube Delta

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27 April 2017, Talk

World Food System Center Public Lecture

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1 May 2017, Seminar

Water quality effects of different scenarios for pumped-storage between a natural lake and a reservoir

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8 May 2017, Colloquium

Energy and water stress constraints on evapotranspiration

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15 May 2017, Colloquium

Physics of clouds - an approach to processes by visualisation

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Further events

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