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Recent news stories from research, education, and the Department of Environmental Systems Science at ETH Zurich.


How a Swiss company is trying to slow climate change

Filtering the greenhouse gas CO₂ directly from the air could play an increasingly important role in climate protection. NBC nightly news  took a look at the first commercial plant in Hinwil near Zurich. Read more 


Smart farming is key to developing sustainable agriculture

Digitalization is currently triggering a revolution in Agricultural Sciences. However, Smart Farming should only be talked about if the advantages of digitalization are combined with the avoidance of accompanying risks. Read more 


More accurate climate models on new supercomputers

With high-performance computers, ETH scientists have succeeded in producing kilometer-accurate weather and climate simulations. For the first time thunderstorms and rain showers can be explicitly represented. Read more 


A glance at the gravel plant – an experimental case study

In the newly structured course, «Environmental Problem Solving», roughly 150 environmental science students are concerned with a specific sustainability problem. In doing so, they learn to analyze complex topics, create suggestions for solutions and, above all keep their wits about themselves. Read more 

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