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Recent news stories from research, education, and the Department of Environmental Systems Science at ETH Zurich.


Selenium deficiency promoted by climate change

As a result of climate change, concentrations of the trace element selenium in soils are likely to decrease. Because the selenium content of crops may also be reduced, the risk of selenium deficiency could be increased in many regions of the world. This was shown by a recent study which used data-mining to model the global distribution of selenium. Read more 


Laissez-faire is not good enough for reforestation

If degraded and logged areas of tropical forests are left to nature, the populations of certain endangered tree species are not able to recover. This applies in particular to trees with large fruit where the seeds are distributed by birds, as ETH scientists have shown in a rainforest in India. Read more 


Facts and research − just «nice to have» in the USA?

The market-liberal Competitive Enterprise Institute provides the Trump government with a guide on how to tackle environmental and climate protection measures, wrote Joachim Laukenmann in the «Tages-Anzeiger». In his article from January 18th Reto Knutti und Anthony Patt from D-USYS comment on the current situation.     Read more 


ETH-Medal for Doctorates

Six from overall 62 honoured doctoral theses have been submitted from doctorates of D-USYS. Read more 

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