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Researching climate change and formulating adaptation strategies are global challenges.

Cloud cover
Cloud cover over the "Berner Oberland" (Photo: Tracy Ewen)

The climate system has a fundamental influence on the environment, including aspects such as the water cycle, extreme weather phenomena, forest dynamics and agricultural production. Dealing with anthropogenic factors such as greenhouse gases, aerosols and land use therefore poses a huge challenge. The research carried out at D-USYS is aimed at improving our understanding of the climate system and finding better ways of predicting its development, taking into account the physical, chemical and biological processes which occur in the atmosphere, in the oceans, on land and on ice sheets. Strategies are also being developed to mitigate the human impact on the climate system and to quantify the effects of climate change, particularly with regard to adapting ecosystems and society as effectively as possible.

Participating professorships

Agricultural Economics and Policy

Prof. Robert Finger

Animal Nutrition

Prof. Michael Kreuzer

Atmospheric Chemistry

Prof. Thomas Peter  

Atmospheric Dynamics

Prof. Heini Wernli

Atmospheric Physics

Prof. Ulrike Lohmann

Climate and Water Cycle

Prof. Christoph Schär
Prof. Martin Wild

Climate Physics

Prof. Reto Knutti

Climate Policy

Prof. Anthony Patt

Cryopshere and Climate (WSL)

Prof. Konrad Steffen
(Director WSL)

Environmental Physics

Prof. Nicolas Gruber

Forest Ecology

Prof. Harald Bugmann

Grassland Sciences

Prof. Nina Buchmann
Prof. Werner Eugster

Inorganic Environmental Geochemistry

Prof. Lenny Winkel

Land-Climate Dynamics

Prof. Sonia I. Seneviratne

Landscape Ecology

Prof. Loïc Pellissier

Plant Ecology

Prof. Jonathan Levine

Plant Pathology

Prof. Bruce McDonald

Sustainable Agroecosystems

Prof. Johan Six


Associated research groups

Analysis and Forecasting (MeteoSwiss)

Prof. Christof Appenzeller

Biodiversity and Conservation Biology (WSL)

Prof. Rolf Holderegger

Environmental Geochemistry

Prof. Gerhard Furrer

Environmental Isotopes (Eawag)

Prof. Rolf Kipfer

Environmental Philosophy

Prof. Gertrud Hirsch Hadorn


Environmental Sociology and Transdisciplinarity

Prof. Michael Stauffacher

Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry (PSI)

Prof. Urs Baltensperger

Subsurface Biogeochemistry

Prof. Martin Schroth

Surface Chemistry (PSI)

Prof. Markus Ammann


Competence centres and technology platforms

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