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Doctoral studies are the most important continuing education at ETH Zurich. The Department of Environmental Systems Science offers the opportunity to work on a dissertation with the aim of obtaining the degree Doctor of Sciences (Dr. sc. ETH Zurich).

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Legal basis

Additional admission requirements

  • Admission with additional admission requirements: generally to fulfill within 12 months
  • Admission requirements failed: repetition once within 6 months

Submission of research plan (RP)

  • Content/Volume as per D-USYS Title Page, max. 10-pages incl. Title Page, literature Title Page (PDF, 103 KB)
  • Submission after having passed and received official notification of having successfully fulfilled the additional admission requirements
  • RP with D-USYS Title Page and ETH-form Approval of the research plan
  • Submit: Unbound original to the Sekretariat D-USYS within 1 year after registration; also by post
  • The approval of the research plan can take up to 6 weeks; once it has been approved, it is visible in myStudies

Approval of Co-examiners

  • Request for all co-examiners needs to be filed at least 6 months before the exam
    Request form (PDF, 85 KB)
  • The supervisor sends the form Request for co-examiners with original signature to the Sekretariat D-USYS
  • Once the co-examiners are approved (can take up to 6 weeks), it will be announced in myStudies

Proof of acquired credits (CP)

  • Doctoral students must acquire at least 12 CP, thereof at least 4 CP outside of their research field
  • ETH-courses: only electronically issued CP on the Transcript of records (myStudies) are accepted
  • Electronical enrolment is not possible: CP must be listed on the ETH-form Confirmation of course attendance for doctoral students
  • Approval CP: Confirmation of course attendance and Transcript of records must be signed by the supervisor to indicate his/her approval. Please mark CP outside of the research field
  • Sekretariat D-USYS confirms the 12 CP on the ETH-form Registration for the Doctoral Examination
  • Obtain this confirmation, as soon as the 12 CP are obtained, ideally 2-3 months before the exam

Before the Doctoral Examination

  • Fix the date with all the participants; check availability of chairpersons
  • Inform the chairperson, ask for confirmation of the date
  • Thereafter, but at least 3 weeks before the exam: send an e-mail to with the following information: date; time; building; room; chairperson

Registration for the Doctoral Examination

  • Submission of the bound copy of the thesis with all the necessary documents in accordance with the Ordinance on Doctoral Studies ETH at least 12 working days before the exam to the ETH Doctoral Administration Office

After the Doctoral Examination

  • After acceptance by the D-USYS departmental conference and the Prorector Doctorate ETH, the doctoral student is asked to submit the deposit copies - Please await the letter
  • Doctoral title may only be used after delivering deposit copies and an electronic version of the thesis
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