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Natural resources form the basis for all life on our planet.

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The focus of research in the area of “Sustainable Resource Use” is on promoting efficient and sustainable use of natural resources such as soil, air and water, in order to secure the availability of food, animal feed and renewable raw materials while maintaining soil fertility and the supply of clean drinking water. Investigations are carried out into underlying processes which are essential for the sustainable use of resources – from the molecular scale right up to the level of ecosystems and landscapes – as well as their resilience against (rapidly) changing abiotic and anthropogenic influences. This is done through a combination of research approaches from the fields of biophysics, engineering, socio-economics and political science.

Participating professorships

Agricultural Economics and Policy

Prof. Robert Finger

Animal Physiology

Prof. Susanne Ulbrich

Aquatic Chemistry

Prof. Bernhard Wehrli

Atmospheric Chemistry

Prof. Thomas Peter

Climate Physics

Prof. Reto Knutti

Climate Policy

Prof. Anthony Patt

Crop Science

Prof. Achim Walter

Ecosystem Management

Prof. Jaboury Ghazoul

Environmental Biogeochemistry

Prof. Janet Hering
(Director Eawag)

Environmental Chemistry

Prof. Kristopher McNeill

Environmental Physics

Prof. Nicolas Gruber

Forest Ecology

Prof. Harald Bugmann

Forest Pathology and Dendrology

Prof. Ottmar Holdenrieder

Grassland Sciences

Prof. Nina Buchmann
Prof. Werner Eugster

Inorganic Environmental Geochemistry

Prof. Lenny Winkel

Molecular Plant Breeding

(former Forage Crop Genetics)
Prof. Bruno Studer

Plant Nutrition

Prof. Emannuel Frossard

Plant Pathology

Prof. Bruce McDonald

Soil and Terrestrial Environmental Physics

Prof. Dani Or

Soil Chemistry

Prof. Ruben Kretzschmar

Soil Protection

Prof. Rainer Schulin

Land-Climate Dynamics

Prof. Sonia I. Seneviratne

Landscape Ecology

Prof. Loïc Pellissier

Sustainable Agroecosystems

Prof. Johan Six


Associated research groups

Analysis and Forecasting (MeteoSwiss)

Prof. Christof Appenzeller

Animal Genetics

Dr. Stefan Neuenschwander

Biodiversity and Conservation Biology (WSL)

Prof. Rolf Holderegger

Environmental Chemistry (Eawag)

Prof. Juliane Hollender

Environmental Geochemistry

Prof. Gerhard Furrer

Environmental Isotopes (Eawag)

Prof. Rolf Kipfer

Environmental Philosophy

Prof. Gertrud Hirsch Hadorn

Environmental Risk Assessment and Management (Empa)

Prof. Bernd Nowack


Competence centres and technology platforms

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